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Inspire Interactive

Inspired e-learning and online training solutions.

Have you heard of pedagogy? Pedagogy is the art of learning; from learning objectives and theory of how people learn to how they interact and engage with learning around a curriculum structure. Over the years, the emphasis of learning has moved to online or e-learning, but these learning principles have not changed.

We understand learning. We understand technology. We take the content needed for learning and combined with the technology produce something visual and creative that helps people and organisations. We create learning solutions that give people the knowledge to do things better.

We have 32 years experience in e-learning, working across a wide range of industries from education and healthcare to the military.

We love seeing technology evolve and very much understand the impact technology has on learning. From the CDROMs of yesterday to the e-learning tools of today, we know how interactive design plays its part in achieving learning outcomes.

Everything we do is a ‘one-off’. There are no templates! We design and develop bespoke e-learning solutions and build learning platforms using the latest e-learning software.

Pedagogy + Technology + Content + Creativity = Inspire Interactive

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How We Inspire

We take a holistic view of how e-learning fits into your learning and development strategy
We use the correct e-learning software for what you need
We tap into our transferable skills from other industries
We grasp topics and concepts quickly
We create a team to deliver your learning solutions, working with instructional designers, graphic designers and learning management system experts when we need to
We are ideas and solutions focussed

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